The Best Time of the Year to List Your Short-Term Condo Rental

The Best Time of the Year to List Your Short-Term Condo Rental

If you own a condo that you want to rent out for short periods during the vacation season, it’s a good idea to know when to start advertising the vacancy. If you start marketing the condo too late, you may not find a tenant in time for the season. If you start too early, your condo may sit on the market longer, and that can dissuade renters.

Months to Avoid Listing Your Condo

If possible, you should avoid listing your Ormond Beach condo during the holiday-heavy months of September through December. No one will be

looking for vacation rentals at the end of the year, which means you’ll be wasting the money you’re paying for the listings. The real estate market in all niches takes a dive at this time.

The New Year Is Still Early to Advertise a Vacation Rental in Ormond Beach

Some condo owners market their units at the start of the new year. Even though January through March is still early, you can reach eager vacationers and get ahead of competing condo owners by advertising at this time.

Some people like to plan ahead for their spring or summer vacation to get deals on travel and amenities. You might be able to lock in renters sooner if you list your condo at the start of the year. This can also help you get more renters throughout the season to ensure your condo will stay occupied.

Don’t Wait Past April

As soon as spring hits, your vacation rental in Ormond Beach should already be listed for rent. People looking for a short-term rental will be browsing availabilities by the first of April.

Make sure your listing features plenty of photos to help entice people who are traveling from far away. If the listing is digital, it can help to include a video tour that highlights the strengths of your condo. Share the listing on social media, and make sure to use hashtags to reach more potential renters. You’ll want to do everything you can to entice people looking for a great vacation spot.

By refining when you list your condo for lease, you can feel more confident that you’ll find tenants in time to take full advantage of the season. It will also give you the time to spruce up the property and make it more appealing to quality renters. That will help you maximize the passive income your condo earns for you.

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