How to Prepare Your Condo for a Long-Term Rental

How to Prepare Your Condo for a Long-Term Rental

The decision to put your condo up for long-term renters is an exciting one, and you’ll want to make sure the experience is as beneficial for everyone involved as possible. 

Preparing your Ormond Beach condo for a long-term rental isn’t overly taxing, but it does require that some special attention be paid to key aspects of the place. If you’re ready to get your condo in shape for renting, the following are some vital points to keep top of mind:

Preparing Your Oceanfront Condo in Ormond Beach, Florida

It’s important that you strike a balance between bringing your condo up to snuff and staying within budget. Some things will make a bigger impact on improvement than others, so choose accordingly if you’re pressed for time.

Clean, Clean, Clean

It’s just good business to clean your place, plain and simple. While it’s easier to clean all of the places that are easily seen, to make a great lasting impression and begin a solid long-term relationship with renters, you’ll need to clean the areas that most people don’t immediately notice.

Make Repairs Now

The best time to make repairs (large or small) is before you have renters move in. Taking care of things that need to be repaired or replaced now can help ensure minimal hassle for all involved. 

Go Ahead and Paint

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive, fairly quick way to boost the appeal and appearance of any space. Neatly painted walls can go a long way with how much neatness they can add. Fresh paint will not only add fresh vibrancy to a space but will also cover up some stains, chipped paint, and other small eyesores. 

Upgrade the Appliances

When long-term renters move in, you’ll want to make the experience easy for everyone — and that means reducing the chances that appliances will act up at inconvenient times. 

Upgrading appliances is an important way to prepare your Ormond Beach condo for renters. With new appliances, you’ll not only reduce emergency maintenance calls but will also make your tenants happy.

Consider a Home Inspection

If you really want to attract long-term renters and put their minds at ease, consider having a home inspection done. Prospective renters will be more confident in renting the oceanfront condo in Ormond Beach, Florida, when you show them the certificate of inspection. 

All of these tips can go a long way in keeping tenants happy and encouraging them to stay a while and take good care of the place while they’re there.


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