4 Ways to Advertise Your Vacation Property in Ormond Beach

4 Ways to Advertise Your Vacation Property in Ormond Beach


One of the most difficult parts about owning vacation rental property is keeping it occupied. When your unit is vacant, you’ll be losing money without seeing a reprieve on your monthly operating expenses. It’s important to create a strategy for finding good renters as quickly as possible each time your rental is vacant. Use these 4 steps:

1. Create an Evergreen Profile

Before you can start advertising a vacancy in your Ormond Beach, Florida, vacation rental, you will have to create a listing. You can save time and resources if you write one listing that you can use over and over. The listing should provide the reader with a basic impression of the property’s location, amenities, and features.

Stage beautiful photos that you can upload with every listing. Photos should show each room in the rental, but you can also have pictures of any special features that you want to emphasize. All of your pictures should be crisp and clear.

2. Share Your Ormond Beach, Florida Vacation Rental on Social Media

Advertising a vacation rental vacancy is very similar to marketing any other type of business or product. You should take advantage of any digital marketing resources that are available to small business owners, and that includes using your social media accounts.

Let your followers know about your rental. You never know who among them is planning an Ormond Beach vacation.

In using social media, you can also experiment with paid advertising. Every site offers advertising in the form of promotional podcasts, direct ads, and boosted accounts.

When you use these marketing tools, you can set your budget, choose a target demographic, and refine your ads in other ways. These adjustments will give you greater control over your reach.

3. Know Where to List Your Short-Term Rental

You should bookmark real estate listing sites so you can easily find them when you want to post a new listing. Additionally, join groups on social media sites that allow you to post short-term rental listings. If you have a website with a blog, talk to other vacation rental owners about advertising each other’s rentals on your respective blogs.

4. Make Your Listings SEO-Friendly

There are little things you can do to make sure your listing comes up in searches made by people who are looking for a great vacation rental in Ormond Beach. Use keyword phrases that people will search for in looking for a rental. You can also use geo-tagging, which simply means including your rental’s location several times throughout the listing.

Ideally, you should book your vacation rental several months in advance. Doing so will ensure a new renter will arrive shortly after the previous renter has vacated the property. While you will need time to clean and make minor repairs, you should plan on minimizing vacancy time as much as possible.


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