Corinthian Villa vacation rental condos in Ormond By The Sea Florida.

Corinthian Villas - General Rules

(This page is a condensed version of the Rules for Renters and Guests)
  1. All renters and subleases must be approved by the Board of Directors in advance. The approval request must include the names of each individual who will be in residence along with the expected length of stay.
  2. Units are not to be rented or sublet for less than one month.
  3. No pets are allowed.
  4. Trailers, boats, campers or any large vans are not permitted to be parked in the driveway of any unit. Vehicles are not permitted to interfere with access to the trash dumpster.
  5. Units are not to be rented to groups or families of more than four people by owners or their agents.
  6. Grease or fat must not be rinsed down drains. This clogs the sewage·treatment plant filter system and causes serious, costly damage. Never flush cigarettes, sanitary pads, paper towels, diapers, candy or gum wrappers down the toilet.
  7. Garbage is to be put is plastic bags and secured with tie wraps before being put in the dumpster. Trash in paper bags attracts rodents and insects.
  8. No cooking is permitted within the courtyard, on balconies or walkways on any floor.
  9. Garage doors should be kept closed to keep a uniform look and prevent dirt blown in by wind.
  10. Keep patios neat and.clean.
  11. Do not drape towels, bathing suits or objt:cts of any kind from the balconies.
  12. Do not leave windows or doors open while air conditioning is on. Open windows or doors also allows in salt air which corrodes metal objects, especially electrical devices.
  13. Obey all rules posted by the pool. Glassware on the pool deck is prohibited. Eating or drinking in the pool is prohibited. Children must be supervised at all times. No diving or canon-balling is allowed. No large floats or balls are permitted in the pool.
  14. The Corinthian Association is responsible for common-area maintenance only. All interior maintenance is the owner's responsibility.
  15. Renters must leave the unit scrupulously clean upon departure or a $65.00 fee will be charged for cleaning.
  16. Owners who rent shall furnish a microwave, toaster, coffee pot, can opener, sweeper, teapot, pots and pans, dishes, linen and utensils for four people.
  17. For questions regarding these Rules, contact a member of the Board of Directors. A complete set of Rules and Regulations is available from the Board Secretary.
  18. No owner or occupant is authorized to reprimand, or give orders to any other owner, guest, or employee of the condominium.
  19. Any criticism of an employee's work, or conduct, should be reported in writing, signed, and presented to the Board of Directors.
  20. Owners are responsible for damage to common areas, including driveways, parking lots, elevators, corridors, walkways, etc. caused by movers and/or delivery men or repair m¢n acting as their agents.
  21. Members may not put their names in any entry, passageway, vestibule, hall,: or stairway of the building, except in proper place in the mailbox provided for the use of the residences occupied by them respectively, and on their door.
  22. Children shall not be permitted to loiter or play in the walkways, stairways, or elevators.
  23. The Storage and Electrical rooms shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags, paper, ashes, or other substance shall be thrown therein. Any damage resulting to them from misuse of any nature or character whatever shall be paid for by the member who causes it.
  24. The water shall not be left running any unreasonable or unnecessary length of time in the apartments or from exterior spigots.
  25. Unless the Association gives advance written consent in each and every instance, members shall not install or operate in the premises any machinery, refrigerating, or heating device or air conditioning apparatus not originally installed in the residence or use any illumination other than electrical light, or use or permit to be brought into the building any inflammable oils or explosives or articles deemed extra hazardous to life, limb, or property.
  26. The Association must have a key to all residences to cover emergencies. Therefore, a member changing locks must supply the Board of Directors with a key.
  27. The Association reserves the right to make such other rules and regulations 1 from time to time as may be deemed needful for the safety, care, and cleanliness of the premises and for securing the comfort and convenience of the occupants thereof
Swimming·Pool Regulations
Use of the pool i restricted to owners, lessees, family members and guests of owners and lessees.
  1. ​Before entering the pool, all bathers must shower to remove suntan lotion and/or beach sand.
  2. Persons using the pool must respect the enjoyment and safety of others, purposely splashing, cannon-balling, running, loud or boisterous conduct or disturbing noise will n9t be tolerated. No diving is allowed.
  3. ​Children under 13 years of age must be supervised by a capable swimmer, at least 16years old, who must be present within the fenced-in pool area.
  4. ​Rafts, scuba eqµipment, inner tubes are not permitted in the pool. Small foam flotation tubes and kick boards are allowed.
  5. ​Food and drink is allowed on the pool deck, but is prohibited in the pool itself. Under no circumstances i's glassware (or any breakable it31D) allowed within the pool fenced area. Those eating in the pool area are responsible for cleanup of spilled food or drink.
  6. ​Condominium owners are responsible for all actions of their children, guests, and lessees.
  7. ​Those using the pool must wear swimming suits. Street clothes or sports apparel are not allowed to be worn in the pool. T-shirts may be worn.
  8. The pool is closed at 10:00 PM.
Laundry Rooms
  1. Laundry work shall be done in the rooms provided for such purposes.The use of water power washing machines in the individual apartments is prohibited except by written consent of the Association
  2. Beach clothing must be rinsed thoroughly prior to washing, as sand will damage the machines. A laundry tub for this purpose is located in the third floor laundry room.
  1. Parking spaces designated by apartment numbers are restricted to the private use of the owners, lessees,.or their guests. Guest parking spaces are so marked, and are restricted to the use of private passenger cars only.
  2. Campers,·boat trailers, and motor homes are not to be parked on association property.
In The owner's absence, no person shall be permitted to occupy an apartment unless the Board of Directors is already in possession of written authorization, or other confirmation from the owner, stating the natbe of each guest, their estimated length of stay, together with a statement confirming their status as guests, and not as renters or lessees. Owners are responsible for providing renters and guests with a copy of the Rules and Regulations.
  1. In The event guests are registered as such, and are found to be unregistered renters or lessees, they shall be rested to vacate the premises immediately, and the owner of the apartment shall be notified that he is in violation of these Rules and Regulations, and subject to such penalties as may legally be imposed by the state of Florida and the Corinthian Villas Association.
  2. No owner, visitor, guest, or lessee may bring a pet to the Corinthian Villas.
  3. Total number 9f persons in residence, in any aPartment, shall be limited to a reasonable number. For the purpose of this paragraph, a "reasonable number'' is as follows:
    • One-bedroom apartment - four persons
    • Two-bedroom apartment - six persons
  4. In the owner's absence, approved guests may not entertain overnight guests without approval from the owner.
  5. Any violation of the Rules and Regulations, or damage to common property by guests, shall become the owner's responsibility, and render him liable for the cost of repair or replacement.
General Conditions and Information
  1. Each occupant! shall maintain his apartment unit in good condition and repair, including all internal surfaces within, or surrounding, his apartment, including windows, doors, door frames and hardware, screen doors and balconies.
  2. Common area of the buildings, such as hallways, walkways, stairs, stairways, elevators, driveways, parking spaces, landscaped and grassed areas shall be used only for the purposes intended. No articles belong to the apartment occupants shall be kept in such areas temporarily or otherwise.
  3. Each apartment shall be used only for the purpose of a single-family residence, and for no other purpose.
  4. No occupant may make or permit any disturbing noises in the building, no on the condominium property, whether made by himself, family, friends, guests, or servants, nor do or permit anything to be done by such persons that would interfere with the rights, comforts, or fther conveniences of other occupants.
  5. No owner or lessee may play any musical instrument, phonograph, radio or television set in his apartment, or on or about the condominium property between the hours otl 11:00 PM and 8:00AM if the same shall in any manner disturb, or annoy, the other occupants of the condominium.
  6. No cooking is permitted within the courtyard, on balconies or walkways or any floor.
  7. No objectionable construction or renovation is allowed between 8:00 P.M and 6:00 AM.
  8. No radio or television antenna or antennas, or any wiring for any such purpose may be installed on the exterior of the building, or upon the condominium property without prior consent of the Association.
  9. All apartments shall be, and remain, carpeted, except bathrooms, kitchen, and balconies.
  10. No signs, advertising, or notices of any kind or type whatsoever, including but not limited to, "For Rent", or "For Sale", shall be displayed in such a manner as to be visible from the exterior of any apartment, such as inside a window.

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Corinthian Villa Condominium

1926 Ocean Shore Blvd. 
Ormond Beach Fl 32176

Corinthian Villa condo is across the street from the beach and has a private beach access. A 3 story "u" shaped complex built in 1974. The building surrounds the courtyard and pool area. Laundry rooms are on each floor and there are 2 elevators.  The minimum rental is monthly

Mediterranean architecture makes the look of Corinthian Villa unique in Ormond By The sea. The minimum rental is monthly. Sorry, no pets and smoking is not permitted in the units or in the building. Vacation rentals and seasonal rentals are available in this highly sought after building.


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Corinthian Villa Condo

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Condo rules and regulations for Ormond By The Sea vacation rentals

All Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. guests in our vacation rental condos must agree to abide by the rules and regulations established by each condo association. The rules are generally geared toward allowing the quiet enjoyment of the premises by every resident and guest. Ocean View has a simple form for each guest to sign to indicate agreement to the condo rules as well as the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group vacation rental policies. Keys to your vacation rental can not be provided without your signature.

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