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Ocean View Realty Group
Shoreham Condominium 
915 Ocean Shore Blvd.
Ormond Beach Fl 32176

Direct Oceanfront vacation rental condos
in Ormond by the Sea at Shoreham Condo.

Shoreham condo is directly on traffic free Ormond Beach. All units face the
Beautiful Atlantic ocean and have a spectacular view.

Direct oceanfront Condo on `No Drive Beach`. Enjoy cool ocean breezes from
your private beach front balcony or relax by the sparkling heated pool perched
on the dunes, overlooking the ocean.Each unit has an assigned underground
parking space or a garage and great views of the Atlantic from most rooms. Open kitchen
has breakfast bar. Located just minutes North of World famous Daytona Beach
and only an hour drive to Kennedy Space Center and Disney World.  The
Shoreham Condominium is a direct oceanfront Condo and has recently (2015)
undergone concrete restoration, exterior painting and waterproofing,
landscaping, new carpet and tile in corridors, and updated laundry rooms with
new tile and washers/dryers. The Shoreham condominium in Ormond Beach,
Florida. Living/dining combo and master suite all look out to Atlantic ocean..
Beach front rates apply. No smoking and no pets allowed.

Each vacation renter in properties rented by Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. receives an information sheet with some basic information about the home or condo they are renting to help our tenants enjoy their vacation in Ormond By The Sea Florida. 
View the information sheet for Shoreham  Condominium

Shoreham condominium photos
This is a no smoking property

Shoreham vacation rental condos
Ormond Beach Florida.
We have created individual pages for some of our Shoreham condo vacation rentals. Click on the convenient links below to go to the page for a sample of the individual vacation rental condos.  Rental unit information and photos of some of the Shoreham vacation rental condos available. All units are 2 bedroom.   All rental units face the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.
Vacation rental unit 301

Vacation rental unit 404  

Vacation rental unit 503       Vacation rental unit 507
Vacation rental unit 702

Vacation rental penthouse   

Condo rules and regulations for Ormond By The Sea vacation rentals

All Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. guests in our vacation rental condos must agree to abide by the rules and regulations established by each condo association.  The rules are generally geared toward allowing the quiet enjoyment of the premises by every resident and guest.  Ocean View has a simple form for each guest to sign to indicate agreement to the condo rules as well as the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group vacation rental policies.  Keys to your vacation rental can not be provided without your signature. 

View the agreement form

View the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group vacation rental policies

View the condo association rules and regulations for Shoreham Condo in Ormond By The Sea Florida.

Ormond By The Sea vacation rentals
Important information for vacation rental condos

All rentals are subject to availability and are first come first served.
Rates are subject to change until confirmed in writing after a deposit.

Please review the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group 
rental policies prior to making a reservation.

A beautiful sunrise in Ormond By The Sea Florida

Please review the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group 
Condo Rental Rates page if you are thinking of
renting a condo for your vacation.

The rental rates and policies will help you better understand the rental transaction.
As always, if you have questions contact Ocean View Realty Group at 1-800-356-3409


Most of our properties no longer allow smoking inside
and many cannot accommodate trucks or trailers so be sure to let
Ocean View know in advance of making a reservation.
Learn more about condominiums on our
what is a condo page

Everyone at Ocean View hopes you enjoy your Ormond By The Sea
vacation rental experience and become a repeat visitor to our beautiful area.


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Condo rules and regulations for Ormond By The Sea vacation rentals

All Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. guests in our vacation rental homes, condos and must agree to abide by the rules and regulations established by each condo association.  The rules are generally geared toward allowing the quiet enjoyment of the premises by every resident and guest.  Ocean View has a simple form for each guest to sign to indicate agreement to the condo rules as well as the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group vacation rental policies.  Keys to your vacation rental can not be provided without your signature.  

View the agreement form 

View the Ocean View Condominium Rental Group vacation rental policies.  



The property is currently managed by Atlantic Shores, Inc., and our contact person is Karen Solomon.  The 24/7 emergency phone number is 877-205-3271.


All outside doors must be kept locked at all times.  This includes the lobby doors, the door to the pool area, fire doors at both ends of the building, and the door leading to the building from the underground garage.  Do not let persons without proper identification into the building. 

Do not wedge the doors to keep open at any time.


The outside telephone by the main entrance is part of the security system.  When visitors phone your unit for entry to the building, press 6 on your dial

pad.  This will sound a buzz and release the front door latch. You may then hang up your phone.  In the event of a 911 emergency the rescue service has a service number that will allow them entrance.


Elevators are for necessary transportation only.  They are extremely sensitive and costly to maintain.  They are not to be used for recreation by owners, guests or children.  When moving furniture or appliances please make arrangements with maintenance to have the elevator mats hung to protect the walls.


Remember not to hang towels or rugs or anything over the balcony railings and be sure to inform your guests of this rule. 


Washers and dryers are available on the 2nd to 7th floors.  As a courtesy to others, please consult the sign up sheet before you start your load in case someone has reserved a laundry time.  Note that you may not reserve machines for the entire day.  The washers run approximately 30 minutes and the dryers one-hour.  Both machines take only quarters. 

Rules governing use of the laundry facilities are posted in all laundry rooms.


By order of the Fire Marshall, all hallways need to remain completely clear.  This means you may not store beach furniture or any other item (including surf boards) in the hallway.  After returning from the beach, all items must be stored in the unit or in the storage area for that unit.



Nothing shall be attached to the balcony railings temporarily or permanently.  An exception is made for holiday decorations, which must be securely attached.   American flags may be appropriately displayed.

Nothing may be hung or shaken from windows or balconies.  Sweeping or scrubbing down onto areas below is prohibited. No water is to be dumped over balconies for cleaning or other purposes. Nothing should be thrown from balconies at any time as this is a safety issue. No towels or rugs are to be hung over railings.

The Shoreham Association WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any furniture or objects left on an owner’s balcony that causes damage to their property, another owner’s property, or the common area of the Shoreham.  Owners should take responsibility for seeing that furnishings on the balcony are secured when they are away, or after guests or renters have left.

Barbecuing is considered a fire hazard and is therefore not permitted on the balconies or in the hallways.


Current policy allows owners to have indoor cats, birds, and fish.  No other pets are permitted.  This privilege is not extended to guests or renters


In the event of an emergency originating in or threatening any unit, regardless of whether the owner is present or not, the Board of Directors or their agent shall have the right to enter the apartment and to take such steps as may be necessary to remedy such emergency.  Right of entry shall be immediate to facilitate emergency action.  Owners must leave a key to their unit in the office.  Any member who elects not to leave a key shall be held responsible for any costs should forcible entry be necessary.

Any officer or employee of the Shoreham Association will not permit entry to an apartment by a third party unless the owner has given written permission.  Possession of a unit key by workers, employees or others is the owner’s responsibility and liability or loss due to such entry is entirely the responsibility of the owner.


In the event of a mandatory evacuation due to hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster, all residents are advised to leave the building as soon as they are officially ordered to do so.  Every effort will be made to inform residents of the official order.

The hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th.  Owners, guests, or renters who are present during that period should have an evacuation plan, i.e. route and destination.  In addition, emergency supplies should be on hand, such as flashlight, supply of batteries, portable radio, drinking water, canned food, personal papers, and valuables.  Normally there is advanced warning of a day or two prior to a hurricane landing in which final preparations can be made, such as assembling supplies, filling the car with gas, having cash on hand, putting masking tape on windows facing the ocean, and removing balcony furniture and objects.

In the case of mandatory evacuation, the garage door should be left in an open position with power disconnected, pool furniture should be stored in the pool, all pool room equipment should be disconnected, all laundry room windows should be closed, all storm doors should be closed, and the main switch for the elevators (located in the 8th floor elevator room) should be shut off.  In addition, an adequate supply of fuel should be maintained to operate the emergency generator.


In the event of a fire, someone will sound the building’s fire alarm system.  Everyone should exit immediately using one of the three stairways located in the building (one at each end and one to the left of the elevators).  Under no circumstances should anyone use the elevator.  Evacuees should stay as far from the building as possible.


The security camera is programmed to one of the channels (channel 2 for most units), which shows a portion of the lobby and the entry door.  There are also important information messages aired on this channel.


There are two trash chutes on floors 2 through 7.  One is located at the South end of the hall and the other in the laundry room.  All garbage to be disposed of needs to meet the following guidelines:

  • No boxes of any size can be thrown down the chute.  This is to prevent the chute from becoming clogged.  Please dispose of boxes by placing them directly in the dumpster.
  • Place all trash in a closed plastic bag prior to putting it in the chute.  This helps to reduce odor.
  • The following items are not allowed in the chute:  boxes, carpet, furniture, and paint, anything larger than a standard kitchen bag.
  • Waste Management will refuse to pick up the dumpster if any item sticks out over the sides of the dumpster.  Nothing can stick out, including small items such as curtain rods.
  • Anytime an unacceptable item goes into the dumpster, it has to be removed.  This creates unnecessary work for our maintenance staff, and on occasion additional cost to the Association.

Recycling bins are located on the north side of the building by the dumpster.  All containers should be rinsed out to prevent odor.  It is no longer necessary to separate items.


The first Thursday of each month between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. all units will be sprayed for insects.  The spray used is odorless and nonstaining.  If an owner elects not to have their unit treated, please advise the property manager.  Any owner electing to have treatment needs to provide a key to their unit in the office. In the event an owner changes their locks be sure you leave a current key.


May 1st through October 31st is designated as the “Turtle Season” in Volusia County.  It is during this period of time that the female loggerhead turtles come ashore and bury their eggs.  Per county regulations, during this season no lights may be visible from the beach.  Balcony lights or lamps positioned close to the East and South East windows are not allowed.  Please use single file walkway to the beach.  Stay off the dunes.


The Board of Directors currently employs one full time maintenance man who performs a variety of jobs around the building. In addition, the board employs a property manager to handle the finances as well as some other items.  All employees take direction from the Board.  Owners are asked to

refrain from interfering with employees.  Owners, guests, or renters should not engage employees in conversation that results in the delay of the worker’s scheduled duties.  Shoreham employees are not permitted to perform personal services during their scheduled working hours, except in the case of an emergency.


Carts are available outside the elevators at the garage level.  These are meant for the convenience of all owners and guests.  Please return them as soon as they are emptied.   Workers or owners needing to haul items other than groceries or luggage must use the two older shopping carts located in the room off the hallway leading into the garage.  These older carts are for the purpose of transporting paint, tools, etc.


Under the Florida Condominium Act smoking is prohibited in all indoor common areas of the building.  This includes stairwells, laundry rooms, elevators, corridors, office, and garage area.


Parking is on an assigned basis. There are reserved parking spaces on the top deck assigned to those units without garage parking.  Any unmarked parking space on the top deck is available for use by Shoreham guests.  In consideration of our limited parking facilities, all trailers and large vehicles should park at the South end of the building.  No boat, trailer, commercial vehicle, or any other large vehicle may be stored on the parking deck for more than 48 hours without prior board approval.  Any car illegally parked will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Please note that though the garage is often not full, you may not park in another owner’s parking spot without their prior approval.  We suggest you e-mail an owner in advance if you need to find an extra parking space for a short period of time.  Note that parking spaces are a common element and therefore may not be bought, sold, or traded.


A.     Use of the pool is restricted to owners and their guests, and renters.

B.     Pool privileges are limited to six persons per unit.

C.     Persons with skin infections, ear infections, eye inflammation, or any wound requiring a bandage are prohibited from using the pool.

D.     Furniture may not be removed from the pool area.  Seating may not be reserved with towels or personal property.

E.      Arm floats, infant pool rings, and exercise “noodles” are acceptable in the pool.

F.      Infants and toddlers in diapers are required to wear waterproof rubber pants or “swim diapers.” Please refrain from changing infants diapers directly on pool furniture.

G.     Children under age twelve must be accompanied by an adult.

H.     Unsanitary practices of all kinds are prohibited.  Rest rooms are available on the first floor of the building adjacent to the office.

I.       All drinks must be in non-breakable containers.  No glass! No beverages are allowed in the pool itself.

J.       Cigarettes, cigars, and pipe ashes must be deposited in the ashtrays provided and not discarded on the deck or grounds.

K.      Sitting, swinging, or lying on the pool rope is prohibited.

L.      No running or rough play around or in the pool.

M.    Pool hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

N.     No diving from the side of the pool.

O.     No food is allowed in the pool area. Food scraps or crumbs around the pool can attract bugs.  We request you eat in your unit or on the beach.

P.      All persons coming from the beach must rinse the sand from their feet, and shower before entering the pool.

Q.     All recreational activities (e.g. Frisbee, baseball, football) are to be conducted on the beach.

R.     No towels on balcony or pool railings.

S.      No radios or boom boxes (unless used with earphones) are allowed at the pool.

T.      No excessive noise on balconies.

U.     No picnicking on pool grounds. No large umbrellas allowed in common areas or on the grass.

V.     Shoes are required inside the building. Feet are required to be rinsed off before entering the building.  Appropriate cover-ups are required in the building.

W.   No indecent exposure.  No cursing or obscene language.

X.      Objects are not to be thrown to or from balconies/pool.


SHOREHAM CONDO                                OCEAN VIEW REALTY GROUP

915 OCEAN SHORE BLVD                                  1350A OCEAN SHORE BLVD

ORMOND BEACH, FL 32176                      ORMOND BEACH, FL 32176


Welcome Renters!                    We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!

DIRECTION:.  Shoreham Condo is approximately 0.9  miles South of our office on Ocean Shore Blvd.

***  If you are staying in the Penthouse you take the elevator up to the 7th floor.  Turn left off the elevator, at the glass door, see a dark wood door on the right.

Your unit key will open this door.  Top of the stairs is the Penthouse.

**The garage for unit 702 is above ground.   It is NOT underground.

In case of an emergency after hours within your unit please call our service at 386-441-8245 and specify you are our rental and you have an emergency that cannot wait for normal business hours.

A reminder: This is not the “Holiday Inn”.  This is a community of owners who share your vacation time with you and your family.  Please respect their home and treat Shoreham as if it were your home.

 Please run the garbage disposal often.  Do not over fill and run plenty of water through it.

You have an assigned parking space.  Please do not pull into anyone else’s space.  .

Tar stains from the beach are difficult to get out of rugs.  Please remove all tar from your shoes and/or your feet before entering the unit.

Please do not hang towels over outside railings.

When operating vertical blinds, please use the chain to open slats so you can see through them, then draw the blinds open or closed via the drawstring.  The breeze off the ocean can be very strong at times.  If you open the sliding glass door, and have the entrance door open at the same time please be certain to use a door stop or the entry door will slam shut.

Please obey all condominium rules and regulations during your stay.

At the end of your stay, please lock the door on your way out and return all keys to the Ocean View office or key return box at Ocean View.

Check out time is 10a.m.

Hope you have a Great Time in Ormond Beach and we hope to see you again.

Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc.

For vacation rental information & reservations for Ormond Beach and Ormond By The Sea Florida  homes and condos  contact Deanna Thomas or Jeanne Labonte, our vacation rental specialists at 
If you are not ready to contact Ocean View Condominium Rental Group yet and are not sure  where you are in your vacation rental search
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                                   Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. in Ormond By The Sea Florida


The Ocean View Condominium Rental Group office is in the small plaza (strip mall) with the House of Donuts , Peckers Pub and Stavros Pizza at: 
1350 Ocean Shore Blvd Suite A
Ormond Beach Florida 32176

At Ocean View Condominium Rental Group, Inc. one call does it all!

 Toll free from the U.S.A & Canada 1-800-356-3409
In Florida please use our Local Phone 386-441-8245 
Fax 386-441-2407 

For information about Ormond By The Sea Florida visit the Ocean View Realty Group web sitehttp://ovrealty.com/Ormond_By_The_Sea_Florida.html  

Seawinds Penthouse vacation rental condo 
directly on the no-drive beach in Ormond By The Sea Florida 

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